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Brand identity for the label of UK fashion designer (Master Tailor) of Saville Row, Delroy Smith.

Let’s discuss creating the brand identity for Delroy Smith, the amazing Master Tailor from Savile Row!

Regarding the logo, we crafted it to represent the timeless elegance and impeccable craftsmanship that Delroy Smith brings to his work. We designed a logo that combines beautiful typography with a unique and memorable symbol. The typography for the logotype is Univers slightly modified for a sophisticated and refined look, paying homage to the rich heritage of Savile Row.

As for the symbol, we used the measurement line from a tape measure. This symbol captures the artistry and precision that Delroy Smith puts into each creation.

Color Palette: To give the brand a sense of sophistication and luxury, we use a color palette inspired by travel to warmer climates than London, UK, with rich, vibrant tones mixed with pastel yellow and warm grey to bring our color exploration back to and charcoal gray England the origin of class and sophistication. These colors represent the tradition and craftsmanship that Savile Row is famous for. 

Typography: The typography we choose, we feel, strikes the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary. We used a San serif font with clean lines and elegant proportions as our primary typeface. This will reflect the classic but contemporary craftsmanship synonymous with Savile Row. We can opt for a modern serif font for secondary typefaces to add a touch of classic flair. This will also highlight Delroy Smith’s innovative approach to tailoring.

Imagery: When showcasing Delroy Smith’s work, we want to focus on the artistry and attention to detail he brings to every piece. Using high-quality photography, we highlight well-tailored suits, luxurious fabrics, and intricate stitching. These images will evoke a sense of craftsmanship and perfection. We want to capture the essence of Savile Row’s heritage while showcasing Delroy Smith’s unique style and vision.

Brand Voice: The brand voice exudes sophistication, confidence, and knowledge, reflecting Delroy Smith’s expertise in tailoring. We want it to feel effortlessly cool, showcasing the brand’s ability to create bespoke suits that are both classy and individualistic. The tone is professional yet approachable, speaking directly to clients and building trust and credibility.

Overall, we aim to position Delroy Smith as a master tailor on par with his prestigious peers while highlighting his unique tailoring approach. We want the brand identity to reflect the rich heritage of Savile Row while incorporating modern elements that keep it relevant and timeless.

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