Cali Rich Tea

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Identity and packaging for a new brand of tea that offers a natural relief to those looking for a drug-free way of reducing high blood pressure.

Vernon Amygdalina is the scientific name for this health-restoring plant. The health benefits of this plant are so rich—it informed the brand’s name. Tunde Benson and team worked on the brand strategy, naming, identity, and packaging design for Cali Rich Tea, crafting a unique, playful brand approach targeting men and women looking for a natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs for lowering blood pressure.

Cali Rich Tea is rooted in nature and embraces powerful, natural ingredients proprietary to the blend and taste of the products. The design approach for the brand is expressed in the jovial modern typefaces, vibrant colors, and Los Angeles backdrop detailed palm trees illustrations. CRT’s visual language is rich, smart, and timeless.


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